BRC Advisors

What are the BRC Advisors?

We set up the BRC Advisors in 2021 to play an active role in research management, regulation and decision-making at the NIHR Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre (BRC). In particular, the Advisors help ensure our structures and future plans promote public interest and provide maximum patient benefit.

Stock image showing a laptop on a desk with several participants in an online meeting with blurred faces, next to a ceramic mug

After a public call for applicants interested in vision research, we recruited a group of about 40 people from across the UK who were interested in becoming an Advisor. After an introduction to the role and the BRC, Advisors were allocated to one of three groups:

  • BRC objectives

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (E.D.I.)

  • Data

Each BRC Advisor group meets online four times a year, for around two hours. During these meetings, we discuss a wide range of topics, with Advisors asked to give their opinions and suggestions, as well as ask questions or raise any concerns. Topics have so far included:

  • Research objectives

  • BRC strategy and policy

  • Ensuring communications materials use lay language

  • Reaching under-represented communities

  • Embedding diversity in research

  • Accessibility

  • The ethics of using of patient data for research

  • Patient consent and anonymisation of data

We regularly ask researchers, clinicians and other guests with a relevant area of interest to join the meetings. In doing so, they can share their expertise with the Advisors, ask for their feedback and answer their questions.

What does being a BRC Advisor involve?

BRC Advisors agree to be in the role for rolling a period of two years, and are expected to attend as many meetings as possible during that time. Advisors are reimbursed for their time attending meetings on an hourly basis, in line with NIHR guidelines for patient and public involvement. We aim to accommodate everyone’s access needs where possible – for example, by ensuring documents are sent in large print and minimising the use of visual presentations in meetings.


If you have any questions about the role of the BRC Advisors, please contact Helen Baker, Patient and Public Involvement Lead at the NIHR Moorfields BRC: