Gene Vision website launched

The Gene Vision website has been created by researchers, clinicians and patient charities to provide a trustworthy open-access resource for information on Rare Genetic Eye disease.

Charles Bonnet Syndrome Patient Information Event

Over 500 people attended the online patient information event on 16th November, marking Charles Bonnet Syndrome awareness day and 5 years since the launch of Esme's Umbrella.

Laser treatment for glaucoma; major new study

Following the LiGHT study led by Professor Gus Gazzard to investigate the use of laser treatment as an alternative to eye drops for glaucoma a further international trial has been announced. Read about the new trial here

logo of the UCL Age Innovation Hub. Illustration of doctor listening to patient

UCL Age Innovation Hub launched

Our colleagues at UCL are looking for your ideas about how technology could improve health and quality of life in our aging population . Click here for more information on how to help shape the future of innovation.

Logo of Bloomsbury Festival

We were proud to support this year's Bloomsbury Festival, much of which was held online this year. Interviews with BRC researchers and the new INSIGHT podcast series were broadcast on Bloomsbury radio during the festival. Physical events are being planned for next spring.

Click here for more about the festival and links to our podcasts and radio interviews.

Research opportunities at Moorfields : ROAM

Moorfields launches new web application ROAM for patients and public interested in taking part in research at the trust.

Click here for the full story

The SPIRIT and CONSORT guidelines have been revised, to support more complete and transparent reporting of trials of AI

Click here for the Moorfields story and links

PPIE Award 2020

BRC Award for researchers' work in Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement


Ophthalmology in 2020: Gaining sight for sore eyes

Rare Disease Day 2020

Date: March 4th 2020

My Eye Site Event

Written by Jo Cammack, Research Fellow.

Date: February 27th 2020

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence article - featuring NIHR Clinician researcher Pearse Keane

Date: February 18th 2020

Charles Bonnet Syndrome Day

Date: 22/11/2019

Report by Judith Potts founder of Esme's Umbrella

Announcing INSIGHT: The new data hub for eye health

Date: 12/09/2019

Click here for The Guardian news article

Science Festival

Date: 01/07/2019

International Clinical Trials Day 2019

By Francesca Amalfitano

Date: 13/06/2019

Cornea Connect 2019

Date: June 03 2019

The Research Pathway; From Bench to Bedside

Date: 20th May 2019

Article by Nicola O'Connell

This is a drawing of a person. There are three robot arms in the drawing. Two of the arms are putting glasses on the person. The other is holding what looks like a tablet computer. The computer is connected via a wire to the persons glasses.

How artificial intelligence is helping to prevent blindness

Machine learning is being used to automate the detection of eye diseases

Date: April 29th 2019

This is the logo for the ophthalmologist power list. It has the ophthalmologist magazine logo at the top. Underneath the text reads 'The ophthalmologist power list is out now, discover the finest mentors inventors and surgical pioneers in the field today! #Ophthalmologist19

Ophthalmologist Power List 2019

Date: March 28th 2019

This is a white rectangle that says 'Charles Bonnet Syndrome' in black letter on it.

Living with Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Article by Nicola O'Connell

This is the logo for GenerationR. It says GenerationR in large letters. Underneath this is written 'Young people improving research'.

Moorfields' young persons’ advisory group for eye and vision research

Date: 2nd March 2019

Location: St Lukes Community Centre

This is the Esme's Umbrella logo. It has a number of umbrellas on it. The text says 'Esme's Umbrella for everyone working for the greater awareness of Charles Bonnet Syndrome'.

First ever Charles Bonnet Syndrome Information Day - A report from Judith Potts

Date: 16th November 2018

This is the logo for the Ophthalmologist Magazine - it is in black text written The Ophthalmologist.

The Ophthalmologist

Date: June 2018

Article by Pete Jones: How data-driven VR/AR is driving new insight into visual impairments

This is a section of the front page of the Eye Journal.It say Eye in large letter on a dark green background. Underneath in little letters it says 'Advancing the science and practice of Ophthalmology'

Women in Vision UK editorials

Dates: 26th April and 15th June 2018

Journals : Therapeutic Journal of Ophthalmology & Eye

This is the logo for nature genetics. It is a dark green rectangle. It says nature genetics on it in white letters.

Nature Genetics - Researchers identify genetic variants that may predict glaucoma risk

Date: 21st May 2018

Journal: Nature Genetics

Click here for the full press release

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