NIHR Moorfields BRC researchers
make up over 10% of The Ophthalmologist Power List 2023

Now in its tenth year, The Ophthalmologist recently published its 2023 Power List. This prestigious ranking of the 100 most important people in the world of ophthalmology recognises an extraordinary number of NIHR Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre affiliated investigators from across the BRC partner institutions, Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. A total of 13 people on the list are associated with our BRC, with two in the top ten and four in the top twenty – more than any other eye centre in the world.

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Top 10

At number three on the list is Prof. Gus Gazzard, whose LiGHT trial resulted in a major update to NICE guidelines for the treatment of glaucoma patients by the NHS. And at number nine is our Co-Director, Prof. Sir Peng Khaw, whose pioneering work in the field of glaucoma surgery has been influential around the world.

Gus Gazzard’s proudest contribution to ophthalmology: “Changing the treatment of newly diagnosed glaucoma patients and showing that we can prevent visual field loss without medication.”

The change Prof. Sir Peng Khaw would like to see in ophthalmology over the next ten years: “…We need more efficient ways to detect/monitor/predict (including artificial intelligence) and treat glaucoma worldwide, including innovative rapid therapies such as rapid direct laser trabeculoplasty and techniques to achieve the 10-10-10 surgical target I set for glaucoma surgery – 10 mmHg for 10 years done in 10 minutes…”.

Top 20

Also ranked high on the list are Prof. Paul Foster, Co-Lead for our Translational Data Science theme and Prof. David (Ted) Garway-Heath, investigator from our Imaging, Visual Assessment and Digital Innovation theme.

Proudest contributions to ophthalmology:

“I feel privileged to have been able to contribute to improving the outcomes for patients with angle-closure glaucoma” Paul Foster

“I led the UKGTS – the first placebo-controlled trial of medical treatment for glaucoma with a visual function outcome … I've also contributed to the study design for other landmark trials – the LiGHT and TAGS trials – and now am leading a multicentre RCT on a potential neuroprotective treatment for glaucoma (nicotinamide).” Ted Garway-Heath

Top 100

The others to feature in the list are (in alphabetical order): Prof. James Bainbridge, Prof. Keith BartonProf. Pearse Keane (Co-Lead, Imaging, Visual Assessment and Digital Innovation theme), Anthony Khawaja (Co-Lead, Translational Data Science theme), Prof. John Marshall, Prof. Mariya Moosajee, Prof. Sobha Sivaprasad (Co-Lead, Vascular Disease and Inflammation theme), Prof. Adnan Tufail and Louisa Wickham.