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In this new series of interviews, we'll be talking to leading researchers from Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology about their work. We'll find out what their research has achieved so far, the challenges they face and their plans for the future. In particular, we'll discover how cutting-edge research is being taken from the lab to the hospital, with treatments and technologies that are transforming lives and making the NHS more effective.

A lab scientist carries out an experiment using a pipette at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

19 November 2020

We talk to Dr Pearse Keane, about the collaboration he initiated between Moorfields Eye Hospital and Google DeepMind to bring the power of Aritifical Intelligence to the clinic, with the aim of speeding up the diagnosis and treatment of age-related macular degeneration.

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Photo of Professor Michel Michaelides sitting in an office

5 November 2020

We talk to Professor Michel Michaelides about his work bringing the latest gene therapy technology to the clinic, including the trials giving hope to patients who currently have limited or no treament options.

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