Our research themes

Test tubes

Inflammation and immunology

Restoring eye health by further understanding and rebalancing of the immune system.

patient and professional at eye imaging machine

Visual assessment and imaging

Using innovations in medical imaging to assess the structure and function of the eye in superb detail.

Lab Machine

Regenerative medicine and pharmaceutics

Developing cell-based therapies and diagnostics; controlling scar repair and restoring function with biodevices and new technology; improving current therapies and drug delivery.

people in scrubs

Cross-institutional research, collaborative themes and training

Providing a comprehensive range of training opportunities for both discovery scientists and clinical scientists at all stages of their careers.

Geneticist at work

Gene therapy

Using advances in genetics to develop therapies for a wide range of ocular conditions.

researcher at microscope

Genomic medicine and informatics

Leading the technology for acquiring large genetic and clinical databases in ophthalmology, allowing us to optimise clinical care in the longer term.

people at a lecture

Patient and public involvement/engagement and clinical studies development

Ensuring that public discussion has an impact on our research and its results; influencing and improving early-phase trials and healthcare delivery.