Cross-institutional Research, Collaborative Themes and Training

Our new cross-institutional research structure (spanning UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Hospital and linking UCL and other sectors) is providing a more comprehensive range of training opportunities for discovery scientists and clinical scientists at all stages of their career and from a wide range of disciplines.

We are aspiring to provide a premier environment for training and the delivery of translational ophthalmic research by growing and empowering an integrated community of diverse experts.


  1. Increase large-scale multidisciplinary research programmes in conjunction with external funding

  2. Expand and develop our education and training opportunities for our long-term needs

  3. Continue to be the ‘go-to’ site globally for diverse education and training opportunities in ophthalmology, particularly research

AIM 1 - We are providing all of the research themes and their staff with the best possible research environment and facilities to ensure success. We are working to increase our grant rate and increase the average funding applied for in each application. We are also expanding our provision of statistical support to ensure that our studies achieve the highest level of statistical rigor and methodological expertise to generate reproducible, reliable data.

AIM 2 - We have a responsibility to provide a rich range of educational opportunities as a global leader in eye research. In addition, we aim to identify and recruit talented individuals and inspire a new generation to consider ophthalmology as a speciality.

AIM 3 - We will provide education and training support for new and existing staff to improve effectiveness, career progression, joint working and engagement with patients. The training programmes we will offer will aim to guarantee job satisfaction and progression and therefore collaboration and leadership in the future. We want to empower researchers to find solutions rapidly to ensure success of the other theme aims.