Inflammation and Immunology

All of the leading causes of blindness are influenced by the immune system. Our ambition is to understand and rebalance the immune system to restore eye health. To do this, we first need to characterise how the immune system is changed in disease. Therefore, our aims are to:

1. Discover the causes of abnormal immune responses in patients with eye disease (Deep immune phenotyping)

2. Design targeted therapies to reverse sight loss (Immune therapeutics)

3. Directly visualise the immune system through imaging (Immune imaging)

AIM 1 - Deep immune phenotyping. Alongside our international partners, we are increasing our understanding of the human immune response and how this relates to the eye, including genetic control of inflammation.

AIM 2 - Immune therapeutics. We are harnessing treatment developments in the wider field of human immunology for application to the eye. In addition, we are seeking to modulate the immune response to augment the benefits from gene and cell therapies for the eye.

AIM 3 - Immune imaging. Advances in imaging now enable us to see single cells in the retina. We seek to utilise this ultimate precision medicine tool to understand and guide treatments for immune-related disease of the eye.