Patient and Public Involvement / Engagement and Clinical Studies Development

We are striving to ensure that public discussion reaches through to our research and discoveries while influencing and improving early-phase trials and healthcare delivery.

Our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) team has already made a positive impact in facilitating the development of research projects in experimental research. The team’s involvement has ensured that our work represents the views of patients and health care professionals. We are working on developing innovative new methodologies with a deeper involvement of patients, particularly in priority setting and protocol development.


1. Broaden public contribution and equip researchers to work in a public partnership

2. Develop fully responsive research support pathway

3. Embed patient and healthcare priorities for vision research

AIM 1- We are focussing on engagement events and therefore learning experiences for patients and healthcare professionals. These events provide opportunities for patients to become part of our Research Community. The PPI team will also ensure that continuous training is offered to researchers in the network who are new and inexperienced in PPI as well as encourage and support patients wishing to join the community.

AIM 2-We have recognised the need for streamlining our support in research and have therefore integrated with UCL’s new Translational Research and Enterprise Accelerator which is providing a common support pathway for us and our partners.

AIM 3- We are engaging with patient groups to ensure they can help address the research priorities in their areas. We are also working on a fully refreshed and targeted survey for vision research.